Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Battlefield V Out Now

First-person shooter game Battlefield V from EA DICE and Electronic Arts is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Whether you have purchased Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V, latest installment of first-person shooter series Battlefield from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts, launches today for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

BV takes you back to the grand stage of chaos and combat in biggest war of the history and lets you pick your own battle. If you are new to series, a couple of things may seem overwhelming for you and if you are a seasoned fan, a few stuffs can be useful for you.

battlefield 5 pc ps4 xb1
Battlefield V Out Now

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Diving head on to fight through some brand-new maps after picking a weapon and start laying down heavy fire can be tempting but you will do better to take a tour of its single-player War Stories first if you are just starting your journey.

A series of untold stories taken from World War II gives you a larger perspective and a better understanding of that global conflict. Experience how men and women got caught up in middle of a clash and how they lived through situations.

battlefield 5 female soldiers
Focuses on Female Soldiers

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You will be going around from frozen mountains of Norway to scorching deserts of North Africa while playing War Stories and it will give you a better understanding of the four main Classes in the game including Assault, Medic, Recon and Support.

To start with, Battlefield V offers eight maps at launch, each two of which are set in four different locations of Norway, Holland, North Africa, and France. You may not have known about them from history books and WWII movies.

battlefield 5 multiplayer mode grand operations
Grand Operations Multiplayer Mode

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There are eight different modes in the game and each challenges you to develop as well as adopt a unique set of playstyles to suit them. Modes like Airborne and Final Stand will be reserved for all-out multiplayer warfare show Grand Operations.

As we come closer to the end of the line, let's take a look at the official launch trailer of the game before heading to the frontline of battle.

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Although BV didn't suffer from any micro-transition outrage on social media like Star Wars Battlefront II of last year, some fans have mocked DICE's idea of including female soldiers in WWII shooter that even hurt their pre-order sales.

Packed with many choices and modes to explore, Battlefield V promises post-launch content like battle royale mode Firestorm and Tides of War live service. With all that jammed into one, BV actually thrives to be a worthy successor of Battlefield 1.