Friday, January 11, 2019

Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot" Demo Out Now

The "1-Shot" Demo for Resident Evil 2 is here and you have to survive the Raccoon City experience in a short time.

Throughout years, developer/publisher Capcom has remade and re-released many of their survival horror titles from Resident Evil series over to various video game platforms and latest in line is upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Even though RE2Make is only weeks from release on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, fans can hardly wait for it. So, a "1-Shot" Demo is offered to players to keep them busy until RE2 launch and is currently available for everyone.

resident evil 2 1 shot demo capcom ps4 xbox one
Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot" Demo Out Now

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Have look at how things are going to go once the clock starts ticking as you enter to a residence of horror.

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All you have is just thirty minutes to do whatever you want to or can do with this demo and within that limited in-game time, you can play as many times as you can. As soon as the clock runs out, your playtime is over and that's it.

So, you have to pay attention to your actions and watch your time to maximize your overall experience as a survivor of zombie-apocalypse. We can offer you a couple of tips that might come in handy to even some odds you face out there.

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Scavenge Supplies
It would be wise of you to look around in each room of Raccoon City Police Department to seek useful items for survival like First Aid Sprays, Green Herbs and ammunition. Yes, time is limited but some important stuff can go unnoticed if you quickly rush through.

In-game map is very useful to tell if there is still something within a room that you haven't found out yet. Red rooms are the ones that has some object left for you and other discovered items that players didn't pick up will also be highlighted there.

resident evil 2 remake capcom rpd leon zombie
Scavenge and Survive

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Stay Alive
Though dying will not end your game right away and you can continue as much as you like within a set timeframe, the clock is not going backwards and that's why you should try to keep your hero character alive anyhow.

If you get bit by a zombie or loose health, some of your health can restored by Green Herb of Arklay Mountains and mixing it with Red Herb will do better. However, a First Aid Spray alone can restore your full life even if it is hanging by a thread.

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Fight or Evade
Contrary to what you have gone through in original RE2, zombies are tougher than ever and will not go down easily. They won't stay down even after you shoot them down multiple times. So, try to put a bullet on their head to keep them from coming back.

Since there is a clock ticking already, a wise thing to do is run away from undeads lurking around to save time and not let them all jump on you at once. Also, look for wooden boards to block windows before they get the drop on you.

resident evil 2 remake capcom leon zombie
Fight or Flight

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Explore the Map
Established after renovating a former art museum, newly-formed R.P.D. is a mighty big place and it is easy to get confused about where to go when. Best way to make the most of "1-Shot" demo would be to keeping it within first floor.

Until you meet Lieutenant Marvin Branagh, look for red lights on computer screens and shutter controls to find your way around. Whatever objectives players have at hand it can be sorted out by taking a look at your map in most cases.

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Look for Puzzles
Original 1998 survival horror classic had a lot of puzzle scattered around for players to solve that involved collecting a bunch of key items from different places and so does RE2 Remake. Take a moment and have a closer look at whatever you have got so far.

In case if you are wondering about time, demo clock stops when you enter a menu and that takes a pressure off from players to switch and shuffle the stuffs they collected and safely investigate without worrying about clock ticking out anytime soon.

resident evil 2 remake capcom leon s kennedy
Inspect and Investigate

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You may not stumble onto Mr. X chasing your tail throughout R.P.D. building or bump into a giant Alligator on sewers but then again, you have RE2 main game coming out within following two weeks to do that.

Resident Evil 2 "1-Shot" Demo is a sure shot win whether or not you can complete it as an exclusive cinematic trailer with highlights will be shown to you regardless and you can place your pre-order to get bonus DLC and additional contents.