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Resident Evil 2 Remake Player Beats Game on Hardcore Mode, No-Hit Run

Long-awaited horror remake of Resident Evil 2 is a cakewalk for YouTuber CarcinogenSDA and here a "no-hit" walkthrough run by him.

Fans of survival horror game are having a great time with recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake by developer/publisher Capcom for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Then there are some who are failing to enjoy as they find it too difficult.

Amidst many complain of newcomers that are unable to get past the police station or constantly getting their butt handed to them by Mr. X, came along a playthrough by a player who completes "Leon A" story with ease, taking no damage.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Player Beats Game on Hardcore Mode, No-Hit Run

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Those who think they have wasted money on RE2 Remake might want to check out his walkthrough below.

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Our guy CarcinogenSDA is good at what he does and what he does is "no-hit" walkthrough runs on a variety of video games. When it comes to Resident Evil series, he is a professional in with an unmatched level of knowledge and skills.

Going through highest difficulty mode was to prove a point that even though tricky, it can be done. Best part of this whole experience was the inclusion of every cut-scene alongside helpful commentary for those who need some tips.

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You may want to shoot the knees off a zombie rather than trying to get a headshot as they don't always blow their brains out. Terrifying trench coat wearing Tyrant bio-weapon Mr. X doesn't seem to give him any trouble either.

Another grand take from his video is masterful inventory management and using right weapons for each enemy type. Although entire playthrough was done on PC version, it wouldn't hurt console players can take a look as well.

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So, it's time to quit whining about zombies being bullet sponges, Mr. X is giving you a beating everywhere, weapons are weak and get your ass back in the game instead, because only that would really help you to "git gud" other than anything.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is everything you want in a remake and then some more but it is also obvious that not everyone is an ace survivor who can overcome Raccoon City outbreak like a walk in the park even on their best day and that's okay.