Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Spectre Rising Update

"Operation Spectre Rising" update will be launching new season of content for online shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Now that Operation Grand Heist has successfully come to an end, developer Treyarch and publisher Activision is already on board with their fourth Operation for multiplayer first-person shooter title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

New Operation Spectre Rising update will go live on April 30 for PlayStation 4 owners with slew of changes for all three modes of BO4, loads of items and weapons before eventually arriving on PC and Xbox One a week later at May 7.

call of duty operation spectre rising black ops 4 details treyarch
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Spectre Rising Update

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Following official trailer for Operation Spectre Rising has a brief overview at Black Ops 4 latest season of content.

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Most of the gameplay changes that you would come across in Spectre Rising are inspired by clandestine approach and stealth assassinations. Where else to jump in for that other than bringing an old favorite who specializes in such tasks?

Hailing straight from Call of Duty: Black Ops III, returns a deadly playable specialist Spectre who has a reputation that precedes him. Little do we know about this free agent except that he is going to own Hydro Dam on the Blackout map for sure.

call of duty black ops 4 operation spectre rising roadmap
Operation Spectre Rising Roadmap

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Wielding his signature weapon Shadow Blade, specialist Spectre is a perfect tool to take out adversaries in silent yet deadly way. While watching him taking down enemies in third-person perspective, be sure to strike a combo of moves.

Not only is he efficient with his blade but is quite skilled in pulling off exceptional maneuvers in combat. In both Blackout and Multiplayer mode, enemies will tremble at his arrival and he would strike them before they know what hit them.

call of duty operation spectre rising black ops 4 treyarch spectre specialist
Assassination and Infiltration Specialist

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Taking a total of 12 players to pit them in a 6v6 round-based match against each other, popular multiplayer mode Prop Hunt proudly returns. Hunters will go looking for props that are hidden and scattered throughout the maps to find out.

At times, those sneaky props would effectively blend within map environment by turning into bike or a trash can. Hunters can only track them down by a periodic whistle after every 30 seconds and to take down all of them to win a round.

call of duty operation spectre rising black ops 4 multiplayer map artifact treyarch
New Multiplayer Map, Artifact

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Blackout main map receiving Wetworks update has led to most of its areas drowning under water after a recent Dam burst. Now survivors have to adapt into a situation that demands for new tactics to win over each challenges.

A new game mode Bounty Hunter sends you to main Blackout map to locate Spectre's Shadow Blade that would transform you into the deadly assassin with various perks to hunt down every other opponent until you are the last-man-standing.

call of duty operation spectre rising black ops 4 bounty hunter game mode treyarch
Bounty Hunter Game Mode

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Black Ops Pass owners get their hands on a new character named Uncle Frank, which basically is an older version of Sgt. Woods from Black Ops II. Characters like Blackjack, David Mason, Misty, Sarah Hall and Sergei from past games will be available in Black Market.

New Gauntlet in Zombies mode offers "Super Blood Wolf Moon" that comes with opportunities to earn cosmetic items and weapons. Set within Dead of the Night map, this one features 30 unique challenges for players to go through.

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Besides there will be plenty of assassin-themed outfits and weapons in Black Market, courtesy of latest Black Ops 4 content update. Your favorite weapons are up for more personalization and new death effects are added for taking down enemies each time.

Pick up Polynesian war club Nifo'Oti for brutal melee attacks and add Tigershark LMG your arsenal of weapons. Other than themed specialist outfit for Ajax, Battery and Torque, Spectre also has a Ninja outfit designed especially for him.

spectre ninja outfit call of duty operation spectre rising black ops 4 treyarch
Ninja Outfit for Spectre

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Spectre Rising comes along as part of Black Ops Pass but you can simply jump into action with Black Ops 4 Spectre Rising Edition that comes with full game, a starter pack, emblem and a couple other cool stuffs if you haven't experienced BO4 yet.

Operation Spectre Rising will continue till July 2 on PS4 and on July 9 for players on PC and Xbox One. Treyarch has already mapped future plans for bringing fifth and sixth Operation for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by summer and fall respectively.
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