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Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle 2019

Some of 90's greatest retro-styled games are now available in SNK Classics Bundle at Fanatical with up to 94% off!

If you have lived by the 90's era of arcades and were playing rigorously, chances are you have stumbled onto a couple of fighting games or run and gun titles at some point that are from Japanese video game company SNK Corporation.

Courtesy of online video game retailer Fanatical, some of their iconic games are currently available into one "SNK Classics Bundle", offering 6-8 great games packed into one for one insanely cheap price and will be up until June 9, 2019.

fanatical snk classics bundle 2019 games king of fighters xiii
Fanatical SNK Classics Bundle 2019

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This collection of classic retro games is accessible in two different tiers and comes with individual Steam keys for each to add to your library and starts from as low as $3.99 only in exchange for six unique titles from different genre.

Tier 1 kick starts with The King of Fighters XIII from popular fighting game series King of Fighters, which marks the final chapter of "Tales of Ash" Saga. KOF XIII competed as best fighting game of the year with games like Street Fighter IV.

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Next comes in line are Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3 from side-scrolling shooter franchise Metal Slug. The Last Blade hails in as a successor of blade-wielding fighting game Samurai Shodown but features more combo-focused gameplay.

Another run and gun arcade favorite Shock Troopers makes the cut alongside scrolling shooter title Twinkle Star Sprites. All of these titles mentioned above only costs you a tiny price of $0.67 in average, which is 94% off on $61.94 worth of games.

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Tier 2 encourages you to spend just another buck by raising it to $4.99 for including Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2 into your cart. Leaving out early installments of Metal Slug would be a heinous crime considering Fanatical is giving them up so cheaply.

Although SNK has remained far in modern generation of gaming, their ageless classic titles are still gold for nostalgic gamers. For many out there, SNK Classics Bundle is instant buy because of the titles it includes and how incredibly low-price it is to claim.