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Resident Evil Project Resistance Gameplay Overview

Tokyo Game Show 2019 brings new gameplay overview of upcoming Resident Evil experience Project Resistance.

Shortly ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019, developer/publisher Capcom has announced brand-new Resident Evil title Project Resistance for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms before releasing a new teaser trailer for fans.

Today at TGS 2019, fans received a better look at overall gameplay mechanics of their upcoming project that is aiming to explore survival horror genre slight differently that they usually do in mainline RE games.

resident evil project resistance gameplay overview trailer tgs 2019 pc ps4 xb1 capcom
Resident Evil Project Resistance Gameplay Overview

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Latest overview video released at TGS 2019 sheds light on how things play out in Project Resistance.

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Capcom calls Project Resistance a 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience that pits four among five players in a game of cat and mouse chase as survivors to stay alive against all odds and is still set in Resident Evil universe.

A mystery man from first teaser video who looked awfully similar to Albert Wesker is actually a new guy named Daniel Fabron. Four young survivors are Samuel Jordan, January Van Sant, Valerie Harmon and Tyrone Henry.

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Each of them are specialized in different skills be it hacking, healing, melee attack or even reducing damage. Using their variety of skills with proper teamwork, players can defeat those bio-weapons set loose on them and escape.

There are specific objectives to complete before moving onto a new area and working together helps you find items or solve puzzles. If your teammate is injured, they can be revived but if not, they will die and respawn to kill valuable time.

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One of them playing as Mastermind will summon monstrous creatures to hunt them, set traps or manipulate surrounding environment while tracking them using security cameras and those four will have to survive using their own special skills.

If deemed necessary, Mastermind can even take direct control of any zombies or even the Tyrant named Mr. X to stop them. Survivors can only win by making an escape though tackling all obstacles thrown at them before time runs out.

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Whether or not Project Resistance is set around the same period of Raccoon City outbreak from Resident Evil 2, it sure reuses assets like gore effect, map location, designs of featuring bio-weapons like regular zombies or Lickers.

Taiwanese game studio NeoBards Entertainment, who previously worked with Capcom on Onimusha: Warlords for PS4 and Resident Evil Origins Collection are in co-development process for Resident Evil game Project Resistance.