Monday, December 23, 2019

Dead Cells: The Legacy Update Live Now

Motion Twin to allows players to enjoy older versions of Dead Cells on PC with brand-new Legacy Update.

Earlier this month, an announcement of upcoming The Bad Seed DLC for roguelike metroidvania title Dead Cells were made by indie studios Evil Empire and Motion Twin, which is currently scheduled to arrive on Q1 2020.

Following its original debuted in Early Access, the game has gone through many changes with regular updates but some prefer versions from early days and developers have allowed players to do that in recently released The Legacy Update.

dead cells the legacy update patch older versions roguelike metroidvania video game evil empire motion twin pc steam
Dead Cells: The Legacy Update Live Now

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The Legacy Update is a latest patch that allows you to load up any older build of Dead Cells from current state to Early Access era. This has been a frequent request from player community for a very long time that is finally fulfilled.

From here on, Motion Twin plans on to keep this up with all of their major future updates as well. This way, dev team will be able to look back at how things have changed and players can take a trip back to nostalgia lane at any time.

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Aside from increasing replayability, Legacy Update includes new handy weapons Ice Shield and Ice Armor. Two more mutations for hardcore players as well as rework on least-used weapons are among latest noteworthy changes.

Available now on PC via Steam, the update will soon arrive for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. As part of continued post-launch content support, more upgrades will keep rolling as we move on to 2020.

dead cells the legacy update patch weapon rework rebalance older versions roguelike metroidvania video game evil empire motion twin pc steam
Added Weapon Reworks

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Like any major patch, Legacy Update introduces a bunch of common bug fixes and rebalances as par community requests. It also offers solution to a recent issue of cloud saves getting deleted by adding a regular backup system.

You can head over to Steam library to select which version of Dead Cells you would like to play from properties for PC. As a sweet holiday bonus, a Santa Claus skin for jolly occasion of Christmas is added on top of all improvements.