Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Expansion Announced

Motion Twin has announced release of first paid DLC expansion The Bad Seed for Dead Cells in Q1 2020.

After spending a year on Early Access phase, roguelike metroidvania game Dead Cells from developer/publisher Motion Twin finally came out on August 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Players have been receiving frequent updates including first free DLC, Rise of the Giant earlier this year. Today, developers have announced plans to deliver their first-ever paid content The Bad Seed for "Best Action Game" of 2018.

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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Expansion Announced

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Motion Twin has released an official teaser trailer offering a glimpse of what to come and get a slight idea.

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The Bad Seed will arrive in Q1 2020 as first paid DLC for Dead Cells on all available platforms and priced $4.99 only. This premium model will allow dev team to continue producing more free content and major updates in future.

Currently, at least two years worth playable content are on planned roadmap of the studio that largely depends on its success. Regularly introducing new improvements like creatures and secret areas will only increase replayability of the game.

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This brand-new DLC will feature two levels for The Prisoner protagonist to explore around, which are just alternative routes from early game. Some old enemies will return in Arboretum and Swamp biomes before enter a creepy boss fight.

Aside from new adversaries, players will get their hands on a giant scythe weapon to wield and a mushroom buddy to keep company. Despite being known for difficulty, devs are planning to make the DLC more accessible for everyone.

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To wrap up holiday season of this year, developers are in work for another major update that they intended for long and while nothing about it is revealed yet, it is quite safe to assume that it would arrive before upcoming DLC next year.

Upon handing over development of Dead Cells to a new studio named Evil Empire earlier this year to continue post-launch support, Motion Twin has been working on two new prototype projects and will likely to reveal them very soon.