PUBG Adds Cross-Party Play for PS4 and Xbox One

Update 6.2 for PUBG will let players party up over PS4 and Xbox One consoles, live now on test servers.

Keeping up to battle royale madness, online multiplayer shooter title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has kicked-off Season 6 last month on all major platforms with new changes, features, map, throwables and vehicles.

PUBG has announced to introduce cross-party play support in upcoming Update 6.2 to allow players over PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to invite others across consoles into a single party, which is currently live on Public Test Server.

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PUBG Adds Cross-Party Play for PS4 and Xbox One

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Players owing a copy of PUBG can join in PTS to get an advanced look at what new features are coming and possibly report bugs. This will help dev team find and solve issues while no data or stats will be carried over to your account.

Players on PS4 console can go look for this app on "Purchased" section of their library of games. Xbox players can download PUBG – Public Test Server either from Microsoft Store or look up for "My Games and Apps" within menu.

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Anyone can search for new teammates from different platform and add them into friends list. Players on PC platforms are kept from PS4 and Xbox cross-party matches are due to their aim advantage in keyboard-and-mouse setup.

According to a prior announcement made by developers during Inside Xbox presentation at Gamescom 2019 event, PUBG will include cross-platform play for consoles on fall 2020 after fully deploying cross-party play feature.

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Update 6.2 will also be adding long-anticipated 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode for Karakin map and follow classic PUBG gameplay. TDM is played out in first-person perspective with a number of changes and respawning to continue fighting.

Latest gameplay changes starts with Frag Grenades, which will take more inventory space and will do 20% less damage to prone players. Molotov cocktail spreads 50% faster and a little further, dealing more damage over time.

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Blue Zone no longer has a distortion effect and its edges on ground are made visually clearer to easily notice. PUBG Corp. plans to bring back Skill-Based Rating test and tweaked its many aspects based on feedback from early test.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds doesn't have the same popularity it had a few years back, compared to Fortnite or other battle royale shooters and therefore, devs are trying to stay relevant with regular streams of changes and updates.
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