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The Last of Us Part 2 Story Trailer

Naughty Dog and Sony releases brand-new story trailer for upcoming PS4-exclusive title The Last of Us Part II.

Now that a new release date of June 19, 2020 for upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive game The Last of Us Part II is set by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, fans are only over a month away from its launch.

Despite having majority of gameplay footage and narrative details being out there already, Naughty Dog has released a new story trailer focused on Ellie that delves deep into her journey of revenge during a post-apocalyptic world.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Story Trailer

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Latest official story trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 sheds light on a violent event that leaves Ellie devastated.

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Ellie looks back at time when she and Joel were on road trying to survive somehow before they settled in Jackson County. Their dynamic is not the same as before but he still is very protective of her and sees her as his own little daughter.

However, their everyday life is thrown upside down by a brutal incident that changes her all of a sudden, Seeking justice, she goes down to a dark path where she starts tracking and hunting down a group that took away everything from her.

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Although greater part of TLoU2 plot premise has been leaked online earlier and many people are mad about plot direction, there are still some who would still love to ride along with Ellie as Naughty Dog originally intended for everyone.

Players can place pre-orders for The Last of Us 2 digital versions at PlayStation Store or choose to purchase physical copies from local stores. Accessibility of physical game copy on launch largely depends on your region location and retailers.

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Naughty Dog vice president and game director Neil Druckmann has taken social media to share a video message earlier that announced TLoU2 had gone gold while turning off commenting section but people has heavily disliked that clip.

After a troubled development phase, Naughty Dog had to delay The Last of Us Part II more than once until Sony had to rush for damage control by announcing a new launch date following a major leak that they are claiming as hack.