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Total War Saga: Troy Announced, Will Be Epic Games Store-Exclusive

Creative Assembly and Sega announced Total War Saga: Troy to arrive on August, as an Epic Store-exclusive.

For past two decades, Total War series from developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega has been a staple turn-based strategy game genre on PC platform, which kick-started its entire legacy with Shogun: Total War back in 2000.

Following announcement of a new game last year, Total War Saga: Troy is officially revealed today as an Epic Games Store-exclusive with a set release date of August 13, 2020 and will be free to claim for first 24 hours of its launch.

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Total War Saga: Troy Announced, Will Be Epic Games Store-Exclusive

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A brand-new announce trailer for Total War Saga: Troy briefly showcase its historical settings and theme.

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RTS games from Total War franchise could be really daunting to newcomers and Epic Store free giveaway could a great initiative to drive them in. More players will have their first Total War experience through EGS alongside series veterans.

Creative Assembly clearly stated that they have no future plans Epic-exclusivity at all and wants to be on multiple PC outlets, including Steam. At some point after August 2021, Troy is likely to debut on Valve digital storefront eventually.

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Set in Bronze Age, Troy will be focusing on 20-year of conflict between Mycenaean Greece and Troy, better known as Trojan War. You can play as one of the eight renowned heroes to either conquer or defend Troy in a legendary battle.

Total War Saga: Troy will explore its famous battle from both sides, whether you play as Achilles of Greece or Hector of Troy. Amidst the heat of war, you can summon mythic units like Cyclops, Minotaur and such to help you in battlefield.