Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to Bring Back Old Seasonal Events

Capcom announces to celebrate first anniversary of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with returning seasonal events.

Although a long-running series from developer/publisher Capcom, action-role-playing game franchise Monster Hunter became increasingly popular to Western audience following release of Monster Hunter: World back in 2018.

MH: World received a follow-up expansion Iceborne, a year after its release and to celebrate its first anniversary, Capcom is allowing everyone to observe previous limited time seasonal events from August through September 2020.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to Bring Back Old Seasonal Events

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MHW players frequently take part in limited time events including crossovers, offering exclusive quests and rewards. Capcom is bringing back previous seasonal events from first year of MHW: Iceborne to New World starting in August.

On August 20, Winter Star Fest and Holiday Joy Fest will kick in to run until September 3, 2020. Appreciation Fest and Grand Appreciation Fest will start from there for Spring Blossom Fest and Full Bloom Fest to pick up on September 17.

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Capcom announces to bring back popular limited time events for MHW: Iceborne in a recent Tweet.

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There will be two variants of each of these in-game festivals; one for MHW hub and another is set for Iceborne. Capcom has promised to make almost all previous quests available to players whether they purchased MHW: Iceborne or not.

Whether you are a seasoned Hunter or a casual, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne got you covered with tons of quests and rewards. They may be a lot for newcomers to take in, veterans will enjoy anniversary holiday of a lifetime.
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