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Xbox Game Pass to Add Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII and More

Latest lineup for Xbox Game Pass is adding Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII and more on August 2020.

To jump-start August in style, Microsoft is adding seven new exciting games in Xbox Game Pass for its members on PC and Xbox One consoles. Newest titles are to join current lineup very soon and an ever expansive online library of games.

Signing up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to games on both platforms for a monthly charge of $14.99 only. New members can spend only $1 to sign up for their first month of subscription to get access to a hundred games.

xbox game pass 2020 darksiders genesis final fantasy 7 it lurks below man of medan trailmakers undermine xeno crisis xb1
Xbox Game Pass to Add Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII and More

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Darksiders: Genesis | Console, Ultimate
Step into the apocalyptic world of Darksiders in top-down hack and slash action role-playing game Darksiders: Genesis from developer Airship Syndicate and publisher THQ to play as Horseman of the Apocalypse, Strife and War.

Genesis is a spin-off prequel that moved away from previous series entry in terms of gameplay and paves a pathway for Darksiders games. Aside from adding an isometric camera perspective, co-op has been introduced for the first time.

xbox game pass 2020 darksiders genesis airship syndicate thq nordic xb1
Darksiders: Genesis on Xbox Game Pass

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Final Fantasy VII | Console, PC, Ultimate
Become an elite mercenary and fight alongside an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE against Shinra Electric Power Company for the fate of entire planet in 1997 role-playing game Final Fantasy VII by developer/publisher Square Enix.

FFVII lets you play as iconic hero Cloud Strife as he tries to come in terms with his old life through a redefined RPG experience. He takes on a journey to save Aerith Gainsborough from Shinra's captivity and fight superhuman Sephiroth.

xbox game pass 2020 final fantasy 7 square enix xb1
Final Fantasy VII on Xbox Game Pass

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It Lurks Below | Console, PC, Ultimate
Take on an adventure quest of survival in It Lurks Below from developer/publisher Graybeard Games by picking your preferred character class to face off evil hordes and dreaded bosses throughout randomly generated retro-styled levels.

There are more RPG aspects than character classes and progression as you slaughter your way to find answers. When you are not busy killing, chop off woods, collect food, craft armor, excavate minerals and learn making some potions.

xbox game pass 2020 it lurks below graybeard games xb1
It Lurks Below on Xbox Game Pass

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Man of Medan | Console, Ultimate
Be a part of a diving trip during a holiday outing in 2019 interactive survival horror drama title Man of Medan by developer Supermassive Games and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment as a sinister experience eagerly waits for you.

Five individuals hop into a large ghost ship and their worst nightmares starts becoming reality, threatening everyone's lives. Every decision you make will surely change outcomes of your story and in-game characters gets affected by it.

xbox game pass 2020 dark pictures anthology man of medan supermassive games bandai namco entertainment xb1
Man of Medan on Xbox Game Pass

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Trailmakers | Console, PC, Ultimate
Although seems like a vehicular racing game, Trailmakers from developer/publisher Flashbulb Games focuses on players building their own sports cars, helicopters, jet planes, or robots for exploration missions or take part in rally races.

There are two modes to try out; a usual sandbox like Minecraft and a survival mode to get adventurous. Your creative choices with modular blocks should know no bounds given there is no restrictions within in-game intuitive builder.

xbox game pass 2020 trailmakers flashbulb games xb1
Trailmakers on Xbox Game Pass

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UnderMine | Console, PC, Ultimate
An indie action-adventure title with roguelike elements that lets you play as a poor peasant, UnderMine from developer/publisher Thorium sends you onto dungeon crawling to discover secrets of your fate through some trial and errors.

Start off from a mine, collect gold, upgrade yourself, work around curses and eventually die trying. During your quest, you would come across many friendly and non-friendly characters that can help you out by offering new upgrades.

xbox game pass 2020 undermine thorium xb1
UnderMine on Xbox Game Pass

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Xeno Crisis | Console, PC, Ultimate
A top-down arena shooter inspired by Alien franchise, Xeno Crisis by indie developer/publisher Bitmap Bureau sends you on a deadly mission to investigate an extra-terrestrial infestation on a research outpost as two hardened marines.

Due to its random assortment or areas and enemies, expect to have a varied playthrough each time and come up with improved strategy. Also, try to collect dog-tags to upgrade equipment and special weapons for a better fighting chance.

xbox game pass 2020 xeno crisis bitmap bureau xb1
Xeno Crisis on Xbox Game Pass

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Games that will be leaving Game Pass on August 14 are Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Space Hulk: Tactics, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Yoku's Island Express but you can buy them at 20% member discount.

In September, members of Game Pass Ultimate will get access to Microsoft's revolutionary streaming technology xCloud. Check out for all available quests via Game Pass mobile app to redeem points for Xbox gift cards and giveaway.