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Fanatical Platinum Collection: Build Your Own Bundle 2020

Create your own collection of high-rated PC games in Platinum Collection: Build your own Bundle this month.

Known for frequently offering crazy deals on games for PC platform, bundles of new games are currently available at online retail site Fanatical, bringing huge discounts through "Build Your Own Bundle" series for a limited time.

Starting from September 24, you pick three to five top-rated PC games for a very low price in Platinum Collection: Build Your Own Bundle 2020 until October 23, 1:00 AM PT/4:00 AM EDT, which can later be redeemed on Steam.

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Fanatical Platinum Collection: Build your own Bundle 2020

Biggest takeaway from ongoing Platinum Collection will be The Walking Dead: The Final Season, a closing entry in critically-acclaimed episodic adventure series by developer/publisher Telltale Games, concluding Clementine's journey.

Set during Cold War era, open-world stealth game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sees Big Boss waking up from a coma and join mercenary group Diamond Dogs seeking revenge in a cinematic storytelling from Hideo Kojima.

Take on the role of Gabriel Belmont in hack and slash adventure Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Experience stealth horror in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek to uncover a tragic story or brave an epic quest in action-adventure game Chasm.

There are about twenty games in Platinum Collection: Build Your Own Bundle 2020 to choose from for your own unique collection set. Getting three of them for your Steam library will cost $9.99 only and $16.65 will be priced for five.