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Monster Hunter Rise to Get Free Post-Launch Content

Capcom will continue to deliver free content updates Monster Hunter Rise after launch, just like previous series titles.

Fans were a bit skeptical about a brand-new Monster Hunter title for Nintendo Switch until upcoming action role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise was revealed by developer/publisher Capcom at recent Nintendo Direct Mini.

Most recent releases from Monster Hunter series of previous generation have been frequently updated by Capcom with post-launch content. Monster Hunter Rise will similarly be getting free content patches following its Switch debut.

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Monster Hunter Rise to Get Free Post-Launch Content

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Monster Hunter content creator Arekkz Gaming on YouTube recently asked Capcom a number of questions regarding various features of MHR and his queries reveal a number of information ahead of any future official announcements.

Capcom intends to offer post-launch content to MH Rise players in order to deliver an engaging experience. They have also supported Monster Hunter: World community in past even before they released its story DLC expansion Iceborne.

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Monster Hunter Rise will bring back many old and new monsters types of certain categories. Though it is impossible to tell what variety of creatures will be available at launch, Capcom will reveal more about MHR in coming months.

Despite not being an open-world game, MHR gameplay experience allows for both players and monsters to move across various maps. Hunters can seamlessly traverse through in-game world using newly introduced wirebug mechanics.

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Given how MH: World previously held major limited time crossover with Final Fantasy and The Witcher franchise, Capcom is much likely to host seasonal events featuring first-party IPs from Nintendo in future to keep up player interest.

Monster Hunter: World never eventually brought back many iconic giants like Gore Magala, Lagiacrus and Valstrax. Capcom may add some of them to Monster Hunter Rise at post-launch to revive nostalgia on a Nintendo handheld.