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Starfield Screenshots Reportedly Leaked

Alleged screenshots of Bethesda's long-awaited upcoming sci-fi RPG game Starfield has been leaked online.

Long since upcoming space-themed epic adventure game Starfield was announced during E3 2018 press conference with a teaser, developer/publisher Bethesda Softworks didn't talk much about their highly-anticipated project in public.

A batch of screenshots has recently been leaked online that are reportedly from a 2018 build of Starfield. Shortly after they were posted on image-board site 4chan and Imgur, people quickly started sharing them on social media sites.

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Starfield Screenshots Leaked Reportedly

In first in-game screen, an astronaut can be seen wandering around a futuristic space station from a third-person perspective. Taking a close look at his spacesuit shows a logo that looks very similar to the one shown in official teaser.

Second one is most likely an early concept art for a spaceship with a couple of scratch marks here and there. These extra touches actually provide an authentic feel of space exploration that players can expect from a game like Starfield.

Below is a few screenshots that allegedly got leaked from an early version of Starfield and shared on Twitter.

A close-up of HUD in final image reveals a meter gauge for oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as gravity, possibly hinting at survival elements. This lone spaceman is also wielding a shotgun-like weapon for some reason, which is not visible.

Even though it appears to be legit, it would be wise to take a grain of salt before considering any of these leaked images authentic. Other than waiting for Bethesda to reveal some new information, there is not much to dig through.

Now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda, they may want to release Starfield sooner to add the game into Xbox Series X/S console lineup. There will be an influx of cash that allows for more freedom to deliver a better experience.

Starfield dev team has always intended to use Bethesda's open-world formula to make their next Skyrim game. According to a previously rumored release date, Starfield may not come out for next-gen hardware before holiday 2021.