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Resident Evil 8 Gameplay Will Be Similar to Resident Evil 4

A private demo of Resident Evil: Village showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2020 reveals similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4.

With release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 2017, developer/publisher Capcom moved to a different direction and are going further to reinvent definition of survival horror for upcoming highly-anticipated Resident Evil VIII: Village.

According to recent news from TwistedVoxel, a newly revealed private demo shown at Tokyo Game Show 2020 suggests that gameplay of Resident Evil: Village will be very similar to what players have experienced in Resident Evil 4.

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Resident Evil 8 Gameplay Will Be Similar to Resident Evil 4

Though audience present at TGS 2020 didn't have any chance to see Resident Evil 8 gameplay footage, Japanese comedian and singer Eiko Kano were able to play an early sequence of RE: Village that he later shared with everyone.

Kano was invited by Capcom as a guest to Tokyo Game Show panel and he had some interesting bits to reveal from his playthrough. A summary of his belief gameplay experience sounds a lot like what players have seen in Resident Evil 4.

In opening section of RE8, protagonist Ethan Winters will come across a "very strong" enemy. Though set during winter time, some adversaries appearing at the beginning are naked and will drop money or materials to use for crafting.

Now whether these enemy types are werewolf-like creatures previously shown in reveal trailer or return of classic zombies, are yet to be confirmed by Capcom but it seems that Ethan will be up to some tough challenges right from start.

Ethan can pick up a shotgun during early hours and items dropped by enemies can use to craft ammo or other items. Resident Evil 8 will emphasize on action and enemies will act up a lot differently than they used to in Resident Evil 7.

Being chased by a group of enemies, Ethan will flee to a nearby village and a section of it will be on fire depending on player's choice. Players can take environmental objects like a bookshelf or furniture and use them to attack or stun enemies.

Even though Capcom is busy developing Resident Evil 8 for early next year, there was a report from April 2020 that hints at Resident Evil 4 Remake being in works with blessings from creator Shinji Mikami, at Osaka-based studio M-Two.

As they move on to next-generation console, Capcom has changed up combat mechanics for Resident Evil 8: Village in similar fashion to Resident Evil 4 and seemingly featured a brand-new crafting system that is very much akin to RE4.