Destiny 2 Leak Suggests Return of Old Tower Location

Latest leak on PlayStation Network reveals new Destiny 2 images revealing old Tower and a restored Traveler.

Currently celebrating limited time annual Halloween festival, free-to-play online first-person shooter title Destiny 2 from developer/publisher Bungie is only weeks away from Beyond Light DLC expansion launch on November 10, 2020.

Ahead of Year 4 contents to arrive, D2 fans have recently come across new Beyond Light official art that got leaked on PlayStation Network, suggesting players are going to see major change in current status of old Tower and the Traveler.

destiny 2 leak suggests old tower location return
Destiny 2 Leak Suggests Return of Old Tower Location


Guardians used to hang out in old Tower, which mainly served as a social hub introduced in first Destiny. Traveler is a huge spherical cosmic orb of mysterious origin that floats above Earth and serves as a source of Light for all Guardians.

In original Red War story campaign, Last City gets attacked by Red Legion before they captured Traveler and destroyed old Tower. Traveler ultimately wakes up to sets itself free from Dominus Ghaul but not before heavily damaging itself.

Guardians eventually claimed a different location as newest Tower for social gathering in Last City. Traveler was fractured in pieces following its sacrifice to save everyone and still remained in its place long after overcoming the invasion.

Bungie has detailed contents of Destiny 2: Beyond Light several times so far but surely they do have some secrets to be revealed later. Images found within HTML code from PlayStation Store show an artwork with two exciting new detail.

broken traveler
A Broken Traveler

Destiny fans can easily spot that old Tower is seemingly restored and Traveler is back to normal form, featured in new art. On surface, it may appear that design team has made some creative changes to give Traveler a much cleaner look.

However, Bungie has teased players by showing a healed Traveler before during announcement for Beyond Light and Destiny Content Vault. A new Director screen of upcoming DLC expansion was shown in that same blog post from June.

Taking a look at current Director shows you a broken Traveler and latest leaked image possibly implies that Guardians will actively play a role in fixing the Traveler throughout Year 4, or will at least passively be responsible for its recovery.

Whether or not D2 players will return to old Tower is not very clear but a dataminer has hinted at some major changes in near future. Earlier, streamer Parisito mentioned a few codenames in a deleted Tweet related to old Tower though.

restored traveler
A Restored Traveler

Since latest leaked images are from PlayStation Network, you can rest assured that they are all real. Besides, Bungie always handles Destiny lore with adequate attention, so there is nothing meaninglessly random in newfound artwork.

Ahead of Destiny 2: Beyond Light launch, Bungie may end up introducing a restored Tower and a revived Traveler. Some players have recently discovered a secret "Calamity Protocol" emblem that are usually found nearing end of season.
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