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PlayStation Now Adds Days Gone, MediEvil and More

Latest lineup for PS Now streaming has added Days Gone, Friday the 13th and MediEvil for October 2020.

As everyone is getting ready to celebrate Halloween season in October, a number of new horror themed games have just been added to PlayStation Now game-streaming service for members lately by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PS Now subscribers can start streaming on PC or PlayStation 4 consoles right now from a library of more than 800 games by signing up for a $9.99 only monthly fee or get membership for a full year by spending $59.99 only for access.

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PlayStation Now Adds Days Gone, MediEvil and More

Hop on for a ride of a lifetime in a post-apocalyptic world as drifter Deacon St. John and search for his wife Sarah in open-world survival horror game Days Gone by developer SIE Bend Studio, will be on PS Now until January 5, 2021.

Experience revival of a 1998 action-adventure classic as MediEvil from original PlayStation gets a full remake treatment from Other Ocean Emeryville and long-dead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque is back in bones once again to defeat Zarok.

Escape brutal death at the hands of relentless killer Jason Voorhees in asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror title Friday the 13th: The Game. Be a hunter or hunted at Camp Crystal Lake and use everything at your disposal to kill or survive.

Also, play as a teen hero in roguelike 3D action game Rad or embark an epic journey in puzzle platformer Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. Amidst its vast collection, PlayStation Now surely has some more PS4 game for spirit of Halloween.