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Dead Cells: Christmas Update Coming Soon

Motion Twin will soon be rolling up a Christmas update for Dead Cells this holiday season next month.

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Dead Cells: Christmas Update Coming Soon

Acclaimed by fans for engaging gameplay, 2018 roguelike Metroidvania action game Dead Cells from developer/publisher Motion Twin continues post-launch support with regular updates and even launched a paid DLC expansion earlier.

After releasing "Barrels o' Fun" update in August, dev team took a small break for a few months and just ahead a month away from Christmas, Motion Twin announces to release a substantial new update for Christmas in mid-December.

According to recent press release at official Steam page, Christmas update will be adding some new content including changes, diet option, lore room, mob, skins, weapon and a lot more that are to be revealed very soon in near future.

Motion Twin remained relatively silent about what they are up to for last three months because of COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. There has already been a hefty supply of updates till date, but players were still expecting some more.

Due to an ongoing support from developers, Dead Cells player-community has been active over the years since Early Access period. Motion Twin has added new enemies, levels and introduced many unique gameplay mechanics over time.

Dead Cells: Christmas update will be arriving across all platforms this holiday season along with a major announcement for 2021. Motion Twin may end up revealing a sequel to their roguelite platformer or an entirely new project in works.