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Demon's Souls Player Unlocks Mystery of Secret Door

Player finds way to unlock mystery door in Demon's Souls Remake and discovers a surprise item from 2009 original.

Debuting as a launch exclusive for next-gen PlayStation 5 consoles, 2020 remake of action role-playing game Demon's Souls from developer Bluepoint Games is receiving acclaim for being a faithful adaptation of 2009 PlayStation 3 title.

Shortly after release, players found a mysterious doorway hidden behind illusory wall but none could figure out a way to open it. Recently, Twitch streamer Distortion2 has finally found a way to unlock it and discover the secret it holds.

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Demon's Souls Player Unlocks Mystery of Secret Door

When renowned YouTube content creator VaatiVidya came across this secret door, he couldn't get past it by any means. Other attempts of wearing armor variants and carrying 79 gold coins like Shadow of the Colossus have failed too.

Following their paths, Distortion2 were able to take a peak beyond walls with cleaver use of in-game photo mode. Only thing visible on the other side was a corpse of knight lying on a porch, bearing a mysterious item floating over him.

It took him days to find a way and reach the other side when many players started exploring its recent addition of Fractured Mode, which becomes available once you beat the game and you can get a newly added item, Ceramic Coins.

You will uncover these rare items in breakable boxes at some areas when you reach Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency. Player-community has quickly assumed these coins to be a way to find a key and unlock the hidden gateway.

demon's souls remake 2020 hidden door mystery item distortion2 twitch streamer penetrator armor set ps5 exclusive action role-playing game bluepoint games from software sony interactive entertainment
Hidden Door Mystery Item

Eventually figuring out what to do, Distortion2 secures a Rusted Key by trading off 26 coins with Sparkly the Crow merchant. He stepped on the other side to discover Penetrator armor set that belonged to a boss character of same name.

Though these ultra-rare coins are a reference to SotC remake from 2018, Distortion2 believes that 26 is a throwback to years passed since King's Field was first released by From Software as a launch title for original PlayStation in 1994.

After acquiring said Penetrator armor, Distortion2 posed for a photo he later shared on Twitter with Bluepoint.

Demon's Souls fans consider Penetrator armor sets to be one of best-looking ones from original game. From Software previously added Penetrator's sword to PS3 version and not armor set, which players really wanted in 2020 remake.

Bluepoint Games surely kept tabs on what people really wished for in Demon's Souls Remake on PS5 and included a few new items. There has been rumor of a DLC expansion in works but no official affirmation has come out just yet.