Resident Evil Village Leaked Image Hints at Plot Twist

Newly leaked official Resident Evil Village image teasing a twist revolving around series favorite Chris Redfield.

Only weeks after hit by a customized ransomware attack, developer/publisher Capcom suffered a major data breach that lead to a series of leaks, including a 2021 release window of upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 8: Village.

Capcom recently updated Steam page for Resident Evil Village with a new official art featuring series protagonist Chris Redfield, which has an obvious hint to a potential plot twist and leaked on social media platforms shortly afterwards.

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Resident Evil Village Leaked Image Hints at Plot Twist

As people starts noticing, Capcom quickly removed it from page and replaced the image with a previously shown art. However, known industry insider AestheticGamer was able to take a screenshot that he shared on Twitter.

This one is a variant of Resident Evil Village official artwork featuring Chris on foreground of a snowy backdrop, only part of his face looks similar to one of those Man-Beasts or Werewolf-like creatures that was shown in early RE8 trailers.

AestheticGamer posts his newfound image of Chris Redfield on Twitter, revealing his bizarre appearance.

Chris Redfield is one of the original characters in franchise history, who made his debut back in 1996 alongside former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine in first Resident Evil game and starred in 2005 third-person shooter title Resident Evil 5.

In recent years, Chris is working with mysterious Blue Umbrella organization and he even saved Ethan Winters during events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, only to turn on him by gunning down his wife Mia in RE: Village reveal trailer earlier.

His latest transformation in leaked RE: Village image could be a result of a newly created bio-weapon from Umbrella Corporation. There is already evidence of werewolf enemies being part of next mainline entry in Resident Evil series.

Capcom has yet to reveal more information on whatever is wrong with boulder-punching Chris Redfield and his newly leaked half-monster look is possibly a hint that he becomes a werewolf himself at one point in Resident Evil 8: Village.
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