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Demon's Souls Remake Dev Teases Players Over Secret Door

Bluepoint Games teases players over newly discovered hidden door in Demon's Souls Remake on Twitter.

While delivering faithful modern-day remake of 2009 original Demon's Souls on PlayStation 3, developer Bluepoint Games adds new features and items to action role-playing game Demon's Souls Remake for PlayStation 5 consoles.

Only days after release, known content creator VaatiVidya discovers a hidden door veiled by an illusory wall but no way of unlocking it. Some other tried as well and Bluepoint decided to tease about its secrets on Twitter most recently.

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Demon's Souls Remake Dev Teases Players Over Secret Door

Bluepoint Games surely did notice what is up and decided to slightly taunt players with a faded postcard-like image inscribed "Wish you were here!" and a caption that says, "A symphony of rumors…", sparking a bigger conversation.

This newfound secret door has not been a part of Demon's Souls on PS3 and seemingly a hint of having something behind it. Some players were able to take a peak using photo mode to find a corpse of a knight lying there on courtyard.

Bluepoint tagged a few popular "Soulsborne" players within community on social media with a puzzling image.

Whatever secret item or treasure is concealed behind that hidden door, someone has to come up with a way to open it first. Bluepoint isn't dropping any big hints so far and apparently wants people to solve this puzzle all by themselves.

One user on Reddit even tried wearing various armor sets and carrying 79 gold coins as a nod to Shadow of the Colossus with no luck. Another guy was able to speedrun through the doorway but is eventually kept away by invisible walls.

Since no one was able to find a way to get past or unlock it, fans are speculating that whether it is an original armor set from Demon's Souls or almost certainly a puzzle that will be pointing to a DLC expansion in works to release in future.

Demon's Souls Remake has already riled up some old-school players when developer Bluepoint Games attempted to make the game easier with extra items and therefore, any major changes in 2020 remake can upset fans even further.