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Resident Evil 8 Release Window and More Are Leaked by Hackers

Massive ransomware attack on Capcom leaks upcoming launch window of Resident Evil 8: Village and more.

Earlier this month, developer/publisher Capcom has suffered from a massive data leak due to a ransomware attack compromising financial reports and personal employee information vital to them that are all published online recently.

Aside from sensitive information, anticipated release date for upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 8: Village has been leaked, including slate of games awaiting launch from private server of Capcom as a result of recent hack.

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Resident Evil 8 Release Window and More Are Leaked by Hackers

After their official website got breached, Capcom initially reported that no customer data was affected. It appears that personal details of more than 350,000 business partners, customers and company employees got compromised.

Current ransomware attack has revealed major release details of upcoming Capcom titles and shared on ResetEra forum by a group named Ragnar Locker from dark web along with a ransom note after encrypting all of Capcom's files.

Resident Evil: Village will have a cross-gen release across major current and last generation of console systems, which is planned for a late April release window set for next year followed by a playable demo, according to leaked data.

Capcom is apparently developing a version of Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR headsets, which is reportedly separate from RE4 Remake. A surprise project titled "Reiwa" is arriving on May 2021 for yet to be confirmed launch platforms.

You can take a look at image of a document sheet regarding latest Capcom leaks shared on Twitter earlier.

A multiplayer experience for Resident Evil internally labeled as "Project Highway/Village Online" and is type of a Battle Royale is in works. Reputed insider AestheticGamer claims that Resident Evil: Resistance was codenamed "Highway".

Ace Attorney games collection are currently heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for Japan only. Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be ported to PC platform on October 2021 with an extensive roadmap.

Capcom received a handsome $10 million payment to release Resident Evil 7 and 8 on Google Stadia. Another $5 million amount came from Sony for RE7 VR version and a timed exclusivity deal over DLC/demo on PlayStation console.

An online shooter titled "SHIELD" and an exclusive IP for Nintendo Switch named as "Project Guillotine" is found there as well. Some of these details came from pre-COVID-19 period files and therefore, are likely to be changed later.

Though leaks are never really an authentic source to verify any gaming news for sure other than official confirmation, they get people excited. Given how these practices put peoples' privacy at jeopardy, they should never be encouraged.

As investigation of internal servers data breach continues, Capcom suggests that hackers might have gotten their hands on personal addresses and phone numbers but guarantees of no credit card information leak has happened till now.