Resident Evil Village Character and Plot Details Leaked

Capcom leak has recently led to major Resident Evil: Village story details spoiled ahead of early 2021 release.

As a continuation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil 8: Village from developer/publisher Capcom is currently scheduled to arrive early next year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Following a major ransomware attack earlier, release slate of Capcom games planned for next four years gets spoiled. Shortly after a set launch window for RE8 is revealed, names of several Resident Evil Village cut-scenes were leaked.

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Resident Evil Village Character and Plot Details Leaked


Just a look at those names gives you major spoilers for plot and maybe even a possible ending as well. There are names of recurring characters that everyone already knows about, including some new additions to RE: Village storyline.

RE: Village story picks up from where it left of in RE7, bringing back protagonist Ethan Winters from previous game. Fan-favorite series regular Chris Redfield will also be returning to play a major and seemingly antagonistic role in RE8.

Ethan would be in a car crash at an early point with Elena, a woman who has appeared in both RE8 trailers. Ethan Winters eventually dies and a mysterious new female character and named Miranda is very much likely to be responsible.

Contrary to what many have thought, Mia Winters did survive after she was apparently gunned down by Chris, as seen in reveal trailer. Ethan and Redfield will reconcile, Mia gets rescued and Miranda is defeated as they make an escape.

Below is an alleged list of cut-scene names from Resident Evil: Village that has recently surfaced online.

  • Mia's Recollection_Secondary
  • Car Crash with Elena to 2F_Secondary
  • Heading to the attic with Elena_Secondary
  • Miranda Killing Julian_Secondary
  • Mrs. Dmitresk's Threat_Secondary
  • Mrs. Mutation in the Tower_Secondary
  • Clearing Up Misunderstandings with Chris (Second Half)
  • Clearing Up Misunderstandings with Chris_Secondary
  • Chris Edition Start_Secondary
  • A Giant Bomb Is Installed_Secondary
  • A Giant Bomb Is Installed_Director Check
  • Mia rescue_Secondary
  • Confronting Miranda_Secondary
  • Defeat Miranda Self-destruct with Rose_Secondary
  • Chris and Mia Escape by Helicopter_Secondary

Of course, Capcom need to release Resident Evil 8 for players to connect these leaks to actual gameplay and story. Chris's erratic behavior towards Ethan and Mia would make more sense to people once they connect all bits and pieces.

Resident Evil: Village seems like an adventurous ride for franchise fans and Capcom will surely reveal more news in coming months. There are hints of a sequence when control will shift from Ethan to Chris, just like The Last of Us Part II.
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