Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers a copy of INSIDE on PC on eighth day of daily free games giveaway promotion.

inside free pc game epic games store 2d puzzle-platformer adventure game playdead
Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

In spirit of Christmas celebration and the season of gift giving, Epic Games brings back annual trend of daily freebie giveaway till end of current year as well as ongoing Holiday Sale on digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store.

Joining in today for Epic Store giveaway is 2016 puzzle-platformer adventure game Inside, latest mystery title on 15 days of free games and you can claim a free copy within next 24 hours until December 25, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

Acclaimed developer/publisher Playdead started working on Inside after 2010 game Limbo as a follow-up project. Like its predecessor title, it centers on a vague premise featuring a red-shirt wearing young boy in a dystopian world.

Inside mostly challenges you with complex physics-based puzzles and encourages you to keep trying to overcome them. In between your playthrough of getting one point to another, you will fail several times and should brush it off.

Once you claim one of these free games, Epic Games gives you a $10 coupon for a limited time that expires on January 7, 2021. You are eligible to receive more vouchers when you make any valid purchase worth $14.99 and beyond.

Inside was a freebie on Epic Games Store last year alongside Celeste and is a returning entry for Holiday Sale 2020. It will be replaced by another mystery game tomorrow, which is rumored to be turn-based RPG title Darkest Dungeon.
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