Solitairica Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away PC version of Solitairica for free on thirteenth day of ongoing year-end giveaway.

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Solitairica Free on Epic Games Store Now

Celebrating seasonal spirit of giving, Epic Games have launched annual Holiday Sale 2020 earlier and brings back year-end daily giveaway with 15 days of free games on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store to wrap up current year.

Joining today's lineup of freebie on Epic Store is turn-based solitaire card game Solitairica for a very limited time as thirteenth mystery game, which you can own forever by getting a copy of before December 30, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

Taking a slight spin on classic card games, developer/publisher Righteous Hammer Games adds some elements from role-playing games and a roguelike-style progression system to come up with a challenging combat experience into solitaire.

In a typical roguelite fashion, there are procedurally generated enemies that you can take down by using magical items and powerful spells. Ready yourself for an encounter against an army of Emperor Stuck and defeat them to save the world.

Player character will be guided by great Kismet and learn great power of solitaire and there are a vast number of builds to try out. There are new classes, deck upgrades and perks to unlock by collecting wildstone while embarking on a journey.

Epic Games Store will unveil their fourteenth mystery game by tomorrow for ongoing giveaway promotion. According to a leak from earlier, Solitairica is likely to be replaced soon with action role-playing dungeon crawler game Torchlight II.
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