Nintendo Indie World Best-Selling Games of 2020 Revealed

Latest trailer of Nintendo Indie World highlights best-selling indies of 2020 on Nintendo Switch handheld console.

nintendo indie world trailer best-selling indies of 2020 reveal hades ori and the will of the wisps sakuna of rice and ruin shantae and the seven sirens streets of rage 4 switch handheld console
Nintendo Indie World Best-Selling Games of 2020 Revealed

Throughout entirety of 2020, Nintendo has premiered three Indie World Showcase episodes so far, revealing tons of new games. Some of these third-party indie titles for Nintendo Switch are yet to receive an official launch window.

Aside from outstanding focus first-party titles, Nintendo extends its focus on various indie titles and only days before wrapping up current year, Indie World releases a new trailer featuring list of best-selling indie games of year 2020.

Nintendo celebrates a wide range of exceedingly successful indie games for Switch this year in recent trailer.

Indie World trailer highlights Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2, Carrion, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Streets of Rage 4, What the Golf and more, many of which are considered as greatest releases of 2020.

Some of these best-sellers including social deduction game Among Us and roguelike action role-playing game Hades were fan-favorites. The latter was even nominated for "Game of The Year" category at The Game Awards showcase.

Nintendo didn't rank these games into a list nor revealed any specifics of how many units have been sold so far though. Many of these games were not even a major topic of discussion among fans but they ended up doing pretty well.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase heavily focuses on advertise and promoting independent titles for Nintendo Switch console. Some of these games became increasingly popular due to ongoing global lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic.
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