Stranded Deep Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering Stranded Deep for free on twelfth day of 15 days of free games year-end giveaway.

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Stranded Deep Free on Epic Games Store Now

As a send-off to current year, Epic Games brings back year-end trend of celebrating a season of giving with daily giveaway in 15 days of free games and annual Holiday Sale 2020 on their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store.

In today's lineup of offering, Epic Store has added first-person survival game Stranded Deep for a limited time. Anyone can grab a copy right now within next 24 hours until December 29, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT and own it forever.

Away from fast paced action or narrative story-telling, developer/publisher Beam Team Games takes you to a remote island for survival experience through a brutal journey and forces you to struggle, overcoming all odds to stay alive.

Your playable character is a survivor left high and dry across the isles of Pacific following a plane crash. Find a shelter before gathering resources from your surroundings to craft items, keep up health or fight many dangerous creatures.

Stranded Deep gameplay highly emphasize scavenging for food and get clean water as often to replenish yourself. Avoid all hostile animals, don't bleed out, stay hydrated, take rest and be on a lookout for any means of transportation.

Epic Games Store will reveal upcoming thirteenth mystery giveaway game by tomorrow, which will replace Stranded Deep and though still under wraps officially, a previous leak suggests that title to be turn-based card game Solitairica.
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