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Resident Evil Village Story Setting Teased by Capcom

Capcom teases fans of a possible story setting of upcoming Resident Evil: Village with a new teaser image.

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Resident Evil Village Story Setting Teased by Capcom

Aside from being a follow-up sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, not much detail is revealed about upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil: Village from developer/publisher Capcom in terms of its overall story and settings.

Capcom has been teasing fans with a puzzling image across social media lately and today, they revealed an image of a confidential transcript to incite curiosity among players, months ahead of Resident Evil 8 release on May 7, 2021.

Although there is very little to begin with, fans have already figured out that RE: Village is set in a fictional European village. Capcom eventually offered an extended look at its inhabitants and a gothic castle belonging to Lady Dimitrescu.

Latest teaser image implies that newest protagonist Ethan Winters is visiting titular "Village" of next mainline Resident Evil game. Capcom has redacted a few parts of a confidential field log he wrote in a memo probably for Chris Redfield.

Capcom shares a cryptic image on official Twitter handle of Resident Evil to hype up fans for RE: Village launch.

After inspecting recently teased documents, one fan has managed to fill in all three redacted parts of given field log. All it took was a previously revealed image of Resident Evil: Village map that comes along with a Collector's Edition.

Twitter user NV took a look at first and last letter of each censored word, which leads to a note reading a message that says Ethan is currently at "Beneviento House" and he is heading over to Castle Dimitrescu to do further investigation.

Capcom has yet to confirm whether a full body of letter put together by a fan on Twitter is correct or not.

Reporting from Beneviento House, on assignment to monitor the village. Noted recent tracks and blood along the route. Signs indicate dragging bodies. Will begin recording castle occupants and activities.

Earlier last month, Capcom reveals new gameplay details during Resident Evil Showcase event. Shortly afterwards, video of Resident Evil: Village boss fight was leaked online and Capcom was very quick to take it down from YouTube.

Collector's Edition map for Resident Evil: Village has mentions of three other houses other than Beneviento. There is House Dimitrescu, House Heisenberg and House Moreau as well that are possibly connected to each other somehow.