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Resident Evil 8 Chris Redfield's Role Revealed by Producer

A latest Famitsu interview reveals Chris Redfield's role and key-details of Resident Evil VIII: Village.

A returning character, Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and series favorite Chris Redfield are both reprising their roles in upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil 8: Village but not much of their roles are revealed yet.

Chris didn't seem to be in his regular self ever since his showed up during RE7 and his affiliation with Blue Umbrella was never really explored. A recent interview on Famitsu magazine reveals new information on RE8 backstory for Chris.

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Resident Evil 8 Chris Redfield's Role Revealed by Producer

Following announcement during PlayStation 5 Reveal Event, much of storyline for Resident Evil 8 has been tightly kept under wraps. However, newest information helps shedding some light on his role in latest Resident Evil series entry.

Twitter user Alex Aniel was kind enough to take time and translate an interview by producers of Resident Evil: Village. According to his interpretation, Redfield will be playing a very prominent part in RE: Village alongside protagonist Ethan.

Alex Aniel shared his English translation of Famitsu magazine interview of Resident Evil: Village on Twitter.

It is revealed via Famitsu that Ethan was taken to a mysterious village by Chris in Resident Evil 8. Though it is not yet clarified what Redfield wants from him but most probably has ties to past events at Baker house from Resident Evil 7.

After remaining unconscious for some time, he wakes up and eventually finds himself there on his own. Other details mention that the village itself is acting as "another protagonist" and that also includes and not limited to its populace.

One early scene shows villagers are holding hands and gathered in a cycle to pray, suggesting they are part of a religious cult. Those seemingly intelligent beastly creatures are able to wield weapons and mostly wandering in packs. 

A guy in trench coat resembling to merchant character from Resident Evil 4 has a role in saving Ethan's life. Another mysterious old shaman lady carrying a staff and skulls notably featured in early trailer has her own parts to play too.

Ethan has a picture book that he got from his wife Mia that details some events that happened to him. Producers Pete Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda confirm that though not playable, artbook scene from second trailer do appear in-game.

Resident Evil VIII: Village was leaked earlier this year by an industry insider, months before its official reveal by developer/publisher Capcom. There are many rumors that need confirmation to determine where they fit in RE8 plot premise.