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Metro 2033 Free on Steam Now

Russian developer studio 4A Games is giving away PC version of Metro 2033 for free on Steam to celebrate 10 years of launch.

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Metro 2033 Free on Steam Now

To celebrate 10 years of release later this month, developer 4A Games and publisher THQ will be giving away a free copy of first-person survival shooter game Metro 2033 for PC platform via Steam marketplace that you can keep forever.

If you are a newcomer who never played a game from Metro franchise before then Metro 2033 is a great starting point and you can add a copy of original version of the game to your Steam account for free anytime before March 15, 2021.

Players who are intrigued to get their hands on definitive version of first Metro game can now purchase Metro: 2033 Redux for $3.99 only. Also buy its sequel Metro: Last Light Redux at 80% off and final entry Metro Exodus on 66% discount.

Unless you have already picked up Metro: 2033 Redux as a freebie during 15 days of free games on Epic Games Store last year, buying a copy of remake version is highly recommended as they added a lot more than a few texture upgrade here.

Metro 2033 stealth shooter is set in a post-apocalyptic Russian wasteland, where you assume the role of protagonist Artyom. He fights alongside an elite Ranger unit to save a community of survivors from horrors of Moscow underground.

4A Games is having an ongoing Weekend Sale on Steam, adding every Metro series entries and DLC add-ons for a limited time. Meanwhile, publisher Deep Silver will be hosting a celebration stream on Twitch and YouTube on March 12, 2021.