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Bloodborne, God of War and More PS4-Exclusives Are Coming to PC

A leaker on Twitter reveals a list of PlayStation-exclusives that are coming to PC including Bloodborne, God of War and more.

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Bloodborne, God of War and More PS4-Exclusives Are Coming to PC

By introducing hotly-anticipated action game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima and critically-acclaimed action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn on PC platform last year, Sony broke the sacred seal of PlayStation console exclusivity.

Sony revealed earlier that more PlayStation 4-exclusives will be ported to PC but didn't mention a full list. A recent leak suggests that a number of PS4 games including Ghost of Tsushima, God of War and more are coming to PC very soon.

Sony teased at future plans for more PC ports following huge success of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. At least four major exclusives; Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War and Uncharted Collection are now being lined up to be ported.

People have long been discussing possibilities of games that are likely to be ported to PC and a few of them were leaked. Before revealing Demon's Souls Remake last year, there was a rumor of Bloodborne being released for Windows PC.

Twitter user CrazyLeaksOnATrain has revealed a leaked list of PS4-exclusives games on social media lately.

Only a week ago, PC port for 2019 survival horror game Days Gone was revealed by developer Bend Studio. Bringing PlayStation-exclusives to PC will help expanding its console fan-base and more people will be able to enjoy these games.

God of War dev team is currently working on a sequel titled "Ragnarök", which may launch later this year, exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC release of 2018 reboot is likely to get more people to purchase a next-gen Sony console eventually.

Among these rumored ports, Ghost of Tsushima has a higher chance of getting a PC port since Sony was already working on PC version of HZD. Back in January, Sucker Punch Productions was reportedly busy developing a new PS5 project.

Since none of these claims are officially confirmed by Sony yet, people are advised to take it all with a grain of salt. Even though a source was not mentioned in Tweet, these leaks could still be accurate after all and may get announced for PC.