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Frostpunk Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store reveals society survival game Frostpunk as third "Mystery Game" giveaway for this week.

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Frostpunk Free on Epic Games Store Now

Even in the middle of ongoing Epic MEGA Sale promotional campaign, Epic Games continuous to giveaway free PC games to everyone on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store as part of a year-old trend since its 2018 launch.

Replacing previous freebie title of last week, Epic Store is offering PC version of society survival game Frostpunk that anyone with an EGS account can claim a free copy of before June 10, 8:00 AM PT/11:00 AM EDT and to own it forever.

Set in an alternate-history reality of late 19th century, city-building strategy game Frostpunk by developer/publisher 11 Bit Studios puts you in charge of a dystopian society of London to build infrastructure and ensure its people's survival.

Society has fallen after a volcanic winter and surviving cities are surrounded by steam-powered generators to produce heat. As a leader, you must take executive decisions and necessary steps to provide means to live for your community.

Of course, people need to do more than building heat generators and should focus on resource management. Developing new technologies, establishing laws, exploration and food provision are essential to shape up structure of society.

Epic Games Store is likely to giveaway more "Mystery Game" game during Epic MEGA Sale 2021 annual festival. In previous weeks, Epic Store gave away fan-favorite games like Among Us and NBA 2K21 before following up with Frostpunk.