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Bloodborne Isn't Coming to PC Anytime Soon

Sony is reportedly working on multiple PC ports of PlayStation-exclusives but Bloodborne isn't one of them unfortunately.

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Bloodborne Isn't Coming to PC Anytime Soon

Over the past few weeks, rumor of a PC version for 2015 action role-playing game Bloodborne by developer From Software and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment has been resurfaced once again with no official confirmation so far.

Recently, known Bloodborne modder Lance McDonald has claimed on social media that though a number of PlayStation-exclusives are possibly heading to PC platform soon, From Software's acclaimed gothic horror title isn't one of them.

Following recent resurgence of a series of leaks and rumors regarding PC version of Bloodborne has flooded online forums and social media, reputed modder Lance McDonald refutes them all while keeping his hopes up for a PC port as well.

McDonald adds that he has looked up every other alleged "leaks" and "rumors" out there, none of which seemed valid to him. He still hopes that Sony will be making a surprise announcement for Bloodborne PC version anyday, out of the blue.

In a recent Tweet thread, Lance McDonald has claimed having no information of Bloodborne port for PC.

Sony allegedly has plans to bring several PlayStation-exclusive games to PC platform, with Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator: Hunting Grounds already received port over last year while many are yet to be released in near future.

Sony reportedly has interest in releasing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for PC after seeing a great return on investment generated by PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn in recent financial report, which is only a matter of time at this moment.

Only way players can explore city of Yharnam now is through backward compatibility feature of PlayStation 4 and 5 or via PlayStation Now cloud gaming service, where Bloodborne officially becomes most-played game on PC for spring 2021.

Possibility for a native PC version of Bloodborne is at all time high and will be a logical move for Sony given their growing interest on said platform lately but fans shouldn't get their hopes up just yet as a next-gen update for PS5 is still due.