Battlefield 1 May Become Free Next Week

Renowned leaker Tom Henderson teases 2016's Battlefield 1 becoming available for free on PC next week.

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Battlefield 1 May Become Free Next Week

Based on events during World War I, 2016 first-person shooter Battlefield 1 from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts has been a commercial success that has sold over 15 million copies in less than a year of its worldwide release.

A well-known industry leaker has recently claimed over social media that Battlefield 1 will soon be accessible to download for free next week on PC platform even though it is already available across subscription services like Xbox Game Pass.

A reliable leaker of Battlefield and Call of Duty series of games, Tom Henderson has stated that Battlefield 1 may become free soon. Though he has not mentioned his sources yet, an official confirmation can easily settle off his recent claims.

Whether or not Tom Henderson is right about upcoming Battlefield 1 giveaway next week, fans can just wait a little longer and hold themselves off from purchasing it in case they get a chance to download it for free without spending a penny.

Industry leaker Tom Henderson has teased Battlefield 1 going free next week in one of his recent Tweet.

Battlefield 1 is considered as an overall improvement over pervious series installments and was heavily praised by critics and player community regarding its single-player campaigns, gameplay elements, WWI-era story settings and a lot more.

Battlefield franchise fans are currently anticipating launch of newly announced Battlefield 2042, taking place in a near future setting. Nevertheless, it wouldn't really hurt players to revisit those forgotten memories of World War I all over again.
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