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Dead Space Remake Hires Dead Space 2 Art Director

EA Motive Studios is bringing back Dead Space 2 art director on board for upcoming next-gen Dead Space Remake.

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Dead Space Remake Hires Dead Space 2 Art Director

A long-anticipated revival of sci-fi horror game Dead Space has finally been confirmed recently by developer Motive Studios and publisher Electronic Arts during EA Play Live 2021 showcase, releasing for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Though nothing other than a teaser trailer has been released yet, EA Motive is planning to bring back a member from Dead Space original trilogy, someone who has served as an art director on Dead Space 2 and has worked for Visceral Games.

Michael Yazijian was an art director during Dead Space 2 development and joined dev team for new Dead Space Remake. He also worked on Star Wars: Squadrons with Motive Studio and on Batman: Arkham Origins for WB Montréal in past.

Yazijian will work closely with EA Motive staff to recreate the classic horror and its atmospheric design from ground up. He is using old concepts and notes in re-imagining iconic creatures and locations for current generation console systems.

EA believes that he has "a unique perspective on the remake" given his history with Dead Space franchise. Motive Studios is aiming to restore some cut-content and guarantee a fully seamless gameplay experience without any loading screen.

Compared to original, Dead Space Remake will feature an "improved story" as well as enhanced audio-visuals and gameplay controls. EA Motive Studios even plans to include some cut content for upcoming remake using modern technology.