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Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away free copies of Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun on PC for this week.

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Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun Free on Epic Games Store Now

Back in 2018, Epic Games has launched its own digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store and kick-started a promotional campaign of giving away free games on PC platform every week to drive more people to their online outlet.

Epic Store is offering PC version of Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun for a very limited time this week, which anyone can get a free copy of and keep it forever in their library of games before July 29, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

A returning entry from last year, 2008 tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening from developer/publisher Hidden Path Entertainment adopts a unique take on its genre that nicely suits with players of a varying skill levels.

Your job is to secure a number of power cores from an invading alien threat by strategically put counter-measures in place. There are several ways to complete challenges and objectives, thus adding a lot of replayability for everyone.

A historical take on World War I, squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter game Verdun by developer/publisher Blackmill Games and M2H invites you to authentic experience of the Great War during events of Western Front in 1914.

Epic Games Store has already made announcement to giveaway roguelike bullet hell shooter MOTHERGUNSHIP by Grip Digital and simulation game Train Sim World 2 from Dovetail Games next week, will be available on July 29, 2021.