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MOTHERGUNSHIP and Train Sim World 2 Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is giving away PC version of MOTHERGUNSHIP and Train Sim World 2 for this week.

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MOTHERGUNSHIP and Train Sim World 2 Free on Epic Games Store Now

A trend of giving away solo or a selection of free games on PC platform was kick-started by Epic Games during launch of their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store back in 2018 and seemingly intends to continue in future as well.

Epic Store is giving away free copies of roguelike bullet hell shooter MOTHERGUNSHIP by Grip Digital and simulation game Train Sim World 2 from Dovetail Games to claim for a very limited time until August 5, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT.

A unique first-person shooter experience with roguelike elements, MOTHERGUNSHIP recruits you as a survivor in a battler against a robotic alien race to free Earth from their control while fighting against an overwhelming odd of trouble.

Players are introduced to a gun crafting system that allows you to personalize weapons like you have never seen before. Then get ready to roll for non-stop FPS action and fight giant robots on your own or with friends via online co-op mode.

A niche entry for simulation lovers, Train Sim World 2 puts you in charge of pulling long freights across various stations and terminals. It lets you master line patterns, passenger traffic, resolve issues, set destination and be creative with tools.

Epic Games Store already reveals upcoming giveaway for next week; action-adventure survival horror game A Plague Tale: Innocence and 2D combat-racer title Speed Brawl, which becomes available soon to get starting from August 5, 2021.