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Halo Infinite Won't Have Campaign Co-Op and Forge Mode at Launch

343 Industries reveals that Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode features will not be available at launch.

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Halo Infinite Won't Have Campaign Co-Op and Forge Mode at Launch

Although a definitive release date for upcoming first-person military shooter Halo Infinite is not yet announced by developer 343 Industries and publisher Xbox Game Studios, Australian rating board reveals a late 2021 launch window earlier.

Already postponed for over a year and missing original 2020 release window, 343 Industries has recently confirms that Halo Infinite won't have fan-favorite campaign co-op and Forge mode at launch, during a development update for August.

Recent development diary video reveals that Halo Infinite will ship without campaign co-op and Forge mode.

A recent announcement reveals that Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode will not be available on holiday 2021, as director Joseph Staten made a decision to delay these features in order to deliver a "quality experience for launch".

343 Industries plans to roll out campaign co-op in Season 2 and Forge mode as Season 3 post-launch content for Halo Infinite. Staten has mentioned prioritizing studio efforts of shipping the game with a quality standard across all platforms.

Campaign co-op mode has been one of the core gameplay features of Halo franchise since first series entry. In 2007, Forge mode became popular via Halo 3 for allowing players to create their own multiplayer levels and share with community.

343 Industries has announced earlier that Halo Infinite campaign co-op will support 2 players in local and up to 4 players online. So, there is a great chance that a decision to reschedule co-op integration most likely been made in recent weeks.

Players have found many glitches throughout a public play-test earlier, hinting that multiplayer as well as single-player requires further polishing. 343 thinks multiplayer technical preview was a success and will host more tests ahead of launch.

Xbox Game Studios have already delayed Halo Infinite release last year following criticism over graphics at gameplay reveal and 343 still needing to skip a number of features is obviously quite disappointing but was most probably unavoidable.