PlayStation Now to Add Classic Final Fantasy Games Through January 2022

Sony will be adding a number of classic Final Fantasy games to PlayStation Now library through early 2022.

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PlayStation Now to Add Classic Final Fantasy Games Through January 2022

Although upcoming lineup of PlayStation Now for ongoing month is yet to be announced, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently revealed to add five classic Final Fantasy games for members of the service each month until January 2022.

Starting from September 7, 2021, original Final Fantasy VII by developer/publisher Square Enix joins PS Now. Revisit an epic tale of Cloud Strife and his friends trying to save life essence of the planet from evil Shinra Corporation at all cost.

On October 5, head over to Republic of Galbadia and fight its tyrannical rule to stop sorceress Edea in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Then jump onto Final Fantasy IX in November 2, 2021, to avert a war with neighboring nation by Queen.

Set in a world threatened by a manifestation of mankind's vices called Sin, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster lets you play as young protagonist Yuna on a holy journey to confront this evil as she is helped by a guardian from another world.

Start off next year on January 4, 2022, with high-definition remaster of 2006 JRPG classic Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, featuring a reworked gameplay and improved visuals of PlayStation 2-era offering best party adventure experience.

PlayStation Now members will be able to download and stream these titles on PlayStation 4 or 5 consoles and PC. To get access over 800 games across various platforms, you can sign up for a yearly membership at a low cost of $59.99 only.
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