Activision Asked No More Heroes Creator to Make a Deadpool Game

No More Heroes creator Suda51 was once approached by Activision to develop a Deadpool game and he is still interested.

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Activision Asked No More Heroes Creator to Make a Deadpool Game

Best known as creator of No More Heroes series, Japanese game designer and director Goichi Suda is more familiar online by his alias Suda51, who recently released No More Heroes III back in August and is planning for another ten years.

Other than his contribution in NMH franchise, one little thing about Suda 51 that no one really knew until this day is that California-based publisher company Activision has once asked him to make a Deadpool game that never worked out.

In a recent interview, Suda51 revealed that Activision actually approached him about a decade ago for developing a game on Marvel Comics' very own "Merc With a Mouth" and it happened soon after first No More Heroes was launched.

However, their collaboration didn't bring any result and things come to an end in early planning stage even though he had some great ideas. Activision eventually releases a Deadpool game in 2013 by working alongside High Moon Studios.

Deadpool (2013) game was loved by fans due to its humor but had a mixed score on Metacritic. Nevertheless, it was delisted from every digital storefront multiple times due to some licensing issues, only to be re-released after some time.

Now that No More Heroes series has ended, Goichi Suda has expressed his interest of making a Deadpool game with Marvel back in August. He would love to work on a game that may involve other characters like Shatterstar or Quicksilver.

To make matters even more exciting, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds (6 Underground, Free Guy) himself has liked a Tweet of his latest interview and having no clue of it, Suda51 thought it was really cool for Reynolds to show some interest.

Disney is now open to licensing more of their properties to third-party studios following recent success of Jedi: Fallen Order and Marvel's Spider-Man, inviting industry developers to play with their library of franchises at DICE Summit 2020.

Goichi Suda also talked about his ambition with developer studio Grasshopper Manufacture for another decade. His company already has plans for three new original IPs as they revive a few of their older ones or work on dormant games.

Marvel has recently announced a sequel to Spider-Man and a new Wolverine game last month, exclusively for PlayStation 5. There was also some buzz around a rumored Daredevil game from 2020 and maybe even Deadpool title in future!
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