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Marvel's Wolverine Trailer Teases Logan's Patch Persona

Newly found Easter egg within Marvel's Wolverine reveal trailer possibly hints at Logan taking on his Patch persona.

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Marvel's Wolverine Trailer Teases Logan's Patch Persona

Prior to PlayStation Showcase 2021 event, no one probably guessed that developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment would end up making a surprise reveal of upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive Wolverine game.

Although nothing much is revealed other than an official announcement trailer, fans are already spotting many Easter eggs that references his origin from Marvel Comics and one such missable detail is most possibly hinting at his Patch persona.

First-look trailer for Marvel's Wolverine has hidden clues of Incredible Hulk appearance and his comic-book debut issue. Moreover, it has been suggested through cinematic trailer that maybe Logan has stopped by at Princess Bar in Madripoor.

Opening scene of latest trailer implies that he had a fight there and posters on bar counter also indicate his current location. What many people have missed out is an eyepatch laying in front of him (bottom right corner) as he finishes a drink.

marvel's wolverine logan patch persona easter egg comic book action-adventure game playstation 5 ps5 insomniac games sony interactive entertainment
Logan Embracing His Patch Persona

Logan often embraces his Patch persona, particularly while he is visiting Madripoor and despite his attempts, it does little to hide his identity. Whatever he might have thought of before going to the Princess Bar, it probably didn't work for him.

Insomniac is seemingly leaning towards adapting an iconic comic-book version of Logan that is much darker that his other personas. Even creative director Brian Horton has confirmed earlier of having a mature tone set for Marvel's Wolverine.

During a latest episode of This Week in Marvel podcast, Marvel Games creative vice president Bill Rosemann showed up for an interview talking about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and he told fans to re-watch Wolverine trailer for more Easter eggs.

Marvel's Wolverine is still at a very early stage of development right now has not shared what storyline it would adapt or when it will release. Meanwhile, Insomniac Games has yet to assure whether references found so far are correct or not.