GTA 4 Mods Shut Down by Take-Two Interactive With DMCA Takedown

Take-Two Interactive has recently taken down several popular mods for Grand Theft Auto IV with DMCA strikes.

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GTA VI Mods Shut Down by Take-Two Interactive With DMCA Takedown

Days ahead of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition release last week, a rumor regarding a possible remastered version of 2008 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto IV by developer/publisher Rockstar Games were out.

A known industry leaker claimed that Grand Theft Auto 4 is likely to be Rockstar's next remaster project after GTA Trilogy. Earlier this week, parent company Take-Two Interactive takes down a number of GTA 4 mods using DMCA takedown.

Newest report on popular Grand Theft Auto modding website LibertyCity reveals that Take-Two has requested to permanently remove several mods with DMCA strikes lately, including one of the most-downloaded mods for GTA VI on site.

Among these targeted files is PC version of Grand Theft Auto Advance by Digital Eclipse, a 2004 release for Game Boy Advance. Take-2 also wants to remove a save file named as GTA IV EEFLC (65%), allowing you to play at 65% completion.

Next up is GTA IV mod The Lost and Damned Unlocked as it replacing biker Johnny Klebitz with original protagonist Niko Bellic. This is odd because Rockstar has updated GTA 4 to Complete Edition, letting players to do the same anyway.

Take-Two Interactive issued DMCA takedown notice for Grand Theft Auto mods in past by citing them as harmful for economy. They even filed lawsuits against these "bad actors" for copyright infringement and many are yet to be unsettled.

A few months ago, Take-Two aggressively starts taking down fan-made mods for PlayStation 2-era classic Grand Theft Auto games, leading many to believe that a Remastered Trilogy is likely to be in works and soon, it came out to be true.

Take-Two Interactive has a history of going after community mods whenever Rockstar Games is about to re-release another Grand Theft Auto entry and given recent takedown spree, rumor of a GTA 4 Remaster seems more than a possibility.
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