Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy Pulled from Rockstar Launcher

Rockstar Games have removed PC version of Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy from sales after launcher outage.

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Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy Pulled from Rockstar Launcher

Ever since developer/publisher Rockstar Games announced Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for major platforms, it was subtly implied that PC version of latest re-release will be exclusive to Rockstar Games Launcher.

Shortly after a global launch across all confirmed platforms, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy becomes unplayable on PC for hours because Rockstar Launcher was apparently down for maintenance and now, GTA Trilogy is removed by Rockstar.

After being unable to access newly released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy earlier, players find out that it is no longer available for purchase. Rockstar also had some problem regarding launch on PlayStation Store earlier and did the same.

Meanwhile, other Rockstar titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 becomes unplayable as well due to downtime. Rockstar eventually acknowledged this issue and promises to return soon when they finish maintenance.

GTA Trilogy being unplayable due to server issue is understandable but Rockstar pulling it from sales have some theorizing that removed PC version of the collection may have some developer notes and quite a few unlicensed music track.

GTA fans were already pretty skeptic about Rockstar not showing any gameplay footage of GTA Trilogy at all after reveal. They are posting hilarious screenshots and videos of updated graphics on social media, showing how awful they are.

Players who bought it to play on launch day are frustrated with exclusivity to Rockstar Launcher as they can't choose another storefront. Although dev team is working to restore service, there is no word on when PC version will be online.

Rockstar Games may release PC version of Grand Theft Auto: Remastered Trilogy on Steam and other digital stores over time. However, none of these issues would have emerged if they took a little bit of effort to ensure a smooth launch.
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