Max Payne: Definitive Edition Rumoredly Coming Soon

Rockstar Games quietly removes Max Payne and its sequel from Steam for select regions, which possibly hints at Max Payne: Definitive Edition.

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Max Payne: Definitive Edition Rumoredly Coming Soon

After a horrible launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition earlier this month, developer/publisher Rockstar Games have apologized to players for a piss-poor experience and promises to address major issues in near future.

Meanwhile, Rockstar have silently delisted 2001 neo-noir third-person shooter Max Payne and its 2003 sequel game from Steam for multiple regions and has sparked rumors for an upcoming "Definitive Edition" of PlayStation 2-era classics.

One user on Reddit have noticed that Rockstar Games have quietly removed classic Max Payne games from Steam for Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Oceania regions while they are still available to purchase on Canada, Europe and US.

Many were quick to compare this situation at hand with how Rockstar has previously delisted all of their classic GTA games before Definitive Edition release and forced everyone to buy GTA Trilogy on Rockstar Games Launcher exclusively.

Steam DB info for both classic Max Payne games regional delisting has been shared by Reddit user smolgote.

Earlier, Rockstar has released remastered versions of classic GTA Trilogy, enhanced for modern platforms. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing experience for fans and developer Grove Street Games received major backlash for this mess up.

Interestingly enough, Grove Street Games has previously worked on Max Payne mobile version and was named War Drum back then. Judging by recent evidence, Max Payne: Definitive Edition could probably be their newest remaster project.

Max Payne was developed by Remedy Entertainment, originally debuted two decades ago only to become a major hit because of innovative gameplay features and unique noir-style narrative, resulting in a massive fan-following and a sequel.

Given how Rockstar Games have handled remaster of a classic trilogy, fans are right to be afraid about Max Payne: Definitive Edition. Some fans are going to an extent to call it a "Deathinitive" or a "Defective" Edition due to recent experience.
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