Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake Leaked Online Before Launch

More than a week away from launch, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remake images and videos are getting leaked online.

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake Leaked Online Before Launch

Despite having a great sales year amidst worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, developer/publisher Nintendo has yet to get a grip on frequent leaks of their first-party exclusive games on Nintendo Switch many times before official release date.

Highly-anticipated upcoming 2021 remakes of classic role-playing game Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is more than a week away from launch but has recently been leaked as images and videos are showing up on social media before release.

One latest post on Reddit apparently suggests that some people have managed to obtain copies of North American version for Diamond & Pearl Remake, which followed by a series of pictures and videos getting shared across various sites.

If these shared media are legitimate then co-publisher The Pokémon Company is hit by another pre-release leak of a major Pokémon game. Last year, a Portuguese website accidentally leaked a number of Pokémon Sword & Shield images.

Earlier last month, copies of another Switch-exclusive title Metroid Dread got leaked online and became available on emulators. Shortly afterwards, Mario Party Superstars broke official street date ahead of release and leaked entire game.

The Pokémon Company is known for taking legal actions against anyone involved in major leak ahead of release. Given their past record, they are likely to go after these people behind recent leaks of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake.
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