Marvel's Wolverine Job Listing Highlights Violence

Newest job listing at Insomniac Games hints at PS5-exclusive Marvel's Wolverine to have much gore and lots of violence.

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Marvel's Wolverine Job Listing Highlights Violence

Announced during PlayStation Showcase 2021 event back in September, upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive game Marvel's Wolverine is currently in early phase of development at Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In a recent job listing posted on social media by Insomniac head of technology, Shaun McCabe is looking for someone in engineer position for Wolverine video game with a clear description of brutality and violence that suits him well.

Though it may seem like Shaun was somewhat discreet with his account for job position detail on social media, Insomniac principal designer Drew Murray has shared his Tweet with a gorier depiction and unleashed a tone of violence.

Murray mentions a series of requirement for Wolverine game including cuts, gouges, gashes, severs, slashes, stabs and snikts. These are everything that a fan would expect to feature in a game that heavily focuses on Logan's story.

Insomniac designer Drew Murray highlights gameplay engineer position for Marvel's Wolverine on Twitter.

Insomniac usually works on action-adventure games targeted for a teen audience like Marvel's Spider-Man but they also have experience of developing M-rated franchises like Resistance and so, getting bloody won't likely be a problem.

A feral mutant by nature, Wolverine has always been portrayed as a violent superhero in comic-books and movies. However, his vicious side is often underplayed in video game adaptations, except for 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Insomniac creative director Brian Horton already confirms having a mature tone for Wolverine but didn't clarify if it will be M-rated. It was also revealed last month that narrative director of Spec Ops: The Line has joined as lead writer.

Marvel's Wolverine has already hinted at Logan's Patch persona and teased an Easter egg for The Incredible Hulk. Besides, his presence at Princess Bar in Madripoor is pretty much a sign for some hardcore action and serious gore fest.
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