Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op and Forge Mode Delayed Once Again

343 Industries recently announces further delay to launch Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op and Forge Mode Delayed Once Again

An extended gameplay footage of online Forge mode for 2021 first-person shooter game Halo Infinite by developer 343 Industries and publisher Xbox Game Studios was allegedly leaked last month, offering an early look at what's coming.

343 Industries promised to reveal development updates earlier but even that plan gets moved to a later date. Today, dev team eventually confirms that long-anticipated campaign co-op and Forge mode won't arrive with Season 2, in May.

In a latest blog post, dev team has revealed that co-op will not be available at Season 2 launch but will join later during the season. While making progress on campaign co-op, 343 Industries need more time to deliver a quality experience.

Despite making progress, devs are facing great challenges to make a seamless split-screen co-op experience due to open-world aspects of Halo Infinite campaign and therefore, 343 is also delaying split-screen as they require more time.

343 previously announced last summer that Halo Infinite campaign co-op and Forge mode will not be shipped at launch. They decided to release campaign co-op alongside Season 2 and then launch Forge mode afterwards during Season 3.

In the meantime, 343 is also testing Forge mode with a small group of community creators and taking feedback on content. Forge is still scheduled for Season 3 but given an extended Season 1 of over six months, it could arrive in late 2022.

Regardless of commercial success and universal acclaim, Halo Infinite lacked many of its iconic features missing at launch. Fans have been complaining for highly-anticipated Campaign co-op and Forge mode, which keeps getting postponed.

Halo Infinite hotfixes are currently on priority list for 343 Industries as they complete Season 2 before moving to Forge mode. However, their biggest concern is to maintain healthy work/life balance for staffs to continue development flow.
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