GTA Online Datamine Hints at Michael De Santa Story Content

Rockstar Games have added a few movie references in next-gen version of GTA Online, possibly teasing at return of Michael.

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GTA Online Datamine Hints at Michael De Santa Story Content

Launching on a new console generation for a second time, 2013 crime action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V by developer/publisher Rockstar Games recently introduced a subscription service GTA+ and it lead to heavy fan-backlash.

GTA 5 main characters like Trevor and Franklin already made an appearance to GTA Online via previous updates. A latest datamining also suggests that GTA protagonist Michael De Santa may be joining online multiplayer mode very soon.

A group of GTA Online dataminers have recently found hints of retired bank robber Michael De Santa making a return to Los Santos. New in-game files possibly teases at Michael's comeback as a story character through upcoming update.

Dataminers have discovered a new scenario point called "movie_set" in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of GTA Online. A newly assigned NPC can be spotted in front of Record A Studios site between in-game 7:00 to 11:00 AM hours.

GTA Online dataminer Tez2 shares new in-game details regarding NPC assigned to "Movie_Set" on Twitter.

This discovery, along with previous reference to Vespucci Job Remix probably hints at a cinema-themed content update starring Michael. It was revealed in The Contract DLC that he continues at a movie studio owned by Solomon Richards.

Grand Theft Auto Online players will surely be excited to have Michael back in Los Santos once again. Another leak claims that GTA Online may receive a Liberty City map expansion during this summer but Rockstar announced no dates yet.
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